Wealth and family protection are the second level of the financial pyramid. Arriving to South East Asia, most expatriates cannot benefit anymore from their country’s social insurance. PNG Private Office will help you establish a plan that considers possible temporary unemployment or permanent disability in order to compensate your earning losses. If you are the sole pillar of a family, it is convenient to understand the income your family needs in case of decease to guarantee it via a death insurance. That will allow your family to keep their lifestyle and ensure the education of your children.

A selection of insurances will avoid you financial issues should you be at fault in a legal battle (civil responsibility) or in the case of theft or damage on your property (house insurance, car.)

To sum up, after analyzing your situation, PNG Private Office will advise you on the following insurances:

-Death insurance,

-Handicap and loss of earnings insurances,

-Civil responsibility,

-Car and scooter bike insurance,

-Property insurance.

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